Research Projects

The following research studies are being conducted by the investigators.

Makoto SASAKI, M.D.   Improvement in the diagnostic accuracy of CT and MRI in acute cerebral ischemia
  • To validate the scanner- and/or protocol-dependency of diffusion-weighted MR imaging (DWI) and ADC variation on different b-values
  • To standardize the display parameters of DWI

Akira OGAWA, M.D.   Evaluation of the image quality of brain CT/MRI for optimal diagnosis and development of a training system for interpretation of the images of acute ischemia
  • To validate the accuracy of the 1/3 rule (ASPECTS) on acute stroke images
  • To develop an efficient and practical training system for interpretation of acute stroke images

Yukunori KOROGI, M.D.   Development of practical guidelines for CT/MRI studies in acute cerebral stroke
  • To develop an imaging guideline for CT/MRI studies in the clinical setting of acute cerebral stroke that serves not only for daily practice but also for multi-institutional imaging projects
Kohsuke KUDOH, M.D.   Validation of accuracy and reliability of CT/MR perfusion imaging
  • To validate the differences in CT/MR perfusion images that depend on scanners and imaging protocols
  • To develop a standard phantom for quantitative evaluation of perfusion imaging

Kei YAMADA, M.D.   Improvement of quantitativeness of CT/MR perfusion imaging.
  • To improve the quantitative aspects of MR perfusion imaging from the aspects of both scanning and image analysis
Toshiyuki UEHARA, M.D.   Comparison of CT/MR perfusion imaging with other modalities of cerebral blood flow measurements
  • To compare cerebral blood flow data from CT/MR perfusion studies with those from single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and positron emission tomography (PET) for consistency
Kiyonobu IKEDA, M.D.   Optimal use of CT in the selection of a therapeutic strategy for hyperacute cerebral infarction
  • To determine the optimal combination of noncontrast CT, perfusion CT, and CT angiography in the acute clinical setting of ischemic cerebral diseases
  • To establish safety measures for CT studies in acute clinical setting
Hiroshi SATOH, Ph.D.   Standardization of MRI in the diagnosis of cerebral ischemia
  • To conduct fundamental and technological researches with emphasis on the optimization of mathematical algorithms for CT/MR perfusion imaging
Toshinori HIRAI, M.D.   Improvement of the accuracy in evaluation of extension of acute ischemic lesion
  • To plan a multi-institutional experiments for validation of DWI accuracy, and to establish a standardized methodology for evaluating lesional extension of acute ischemic lesion free of interreader and institutional variation .