PMA - How to download and install

  • Open the official web page of ASIST-Japan, and click the DOWNLOAD on the left navigation column.

  • Click "Download" under the Perfusion Mismatch Analyzer (PMA) entry.

  • The downloaded file name will be PMA-Installer-E.exe.

  • The following operation should be done by a user with administrator privilege if it is available.

  • Execute PMA-Installer-E.exe, and follow the instructions.

  • User Name field will be filled with Windows log-in user name, and there is no need to change it.

  • Enter the KEY CODE in the Serial Number. You will find the KEY CODE in the e-mail received at the user registration.

  • Click the PMA icon created on the desktop, or execute pma.exe installed in the PMA directory that will be \ProgramFiles\ASIST-Japan by default.

  • PMA will not run properly if it is copied manually to other computers. Use the installer always.
  • PMA can be executed from the command line of Windows. It will be used conveniently for batch jobs.

  • The command line looks like,
          pma.exe    mode    source    aif    dest    term

    mode: "CT", "MR", or "SWI"
    source: The source directory for image files
    aif: "AutoAIF", "Auto_PWI_DWI", or the path to AIF file. In case mode is SWI, the size of high pass filter. If set to "Auto_PWI_DWI", DWI source data will be loaded automatically.
    dest: The directory to save the results. In case aif is "Auto_PWI_DWI", the path to DWI source data.
    term: "Terminate" to terminate PMA at the end of the analysis. "None" keeps PMA windows.

  • The following functions work in "Professional mode":
         The items on ADCT, SWI, and ASL file handling under the "File -> Open other data" submenu.
         The items on the digital phatom* generation under the "Manual Analysis" menu.

         *Refer to Radiology 2009;251:241-249 for information on the digital phantom and its applications

  • In order to use these Professional mode functions, the license registration is required. Please send a mail as follows, and you will get the serial code to activate the Professional mode in return.

  • The mail to get a serial code for Professional mode should be addressed to
    Subject should be "License registration for PMA".
    The body of the mail should include:
            (1) Your name
            (2) Affiliation
            (3) The principal machines you are working on (eg. Siemens Symphony)
            (4) The main purpose of using Professional mode function (eg. SWI analysis)
  • Execute Uninstall_xxxxx.exe (xxxxx is number) in the PMA directory that will be \ProgramFiles\ASIST-Japan\ by default.

  • For fundamental operations, refer to HELP in the main menu

  • For further information, please write to

  • The current version number of PMA is shown on the download page.

  • The information on the version-up will be mailed to the registered address.

  • The KEY CODE is required every time on installing a PMA of new version.