The data officially published by ASIST-Japan are available in this page.

Perfusion Mismatch Analyzer (PMA)

Perfusion Mismatch Analyzer (PMA), developed by Kohsuke Kudo, M.D.(Advanced Medical Science Center, Iwate Medical University, Iwate, Japan), is a versatile free software for quantitative analysis of perfusion and diffusion imaging of cerebrovascular disorders. ASIST-Japan releases PMA on condition that it is used exclusively for researh purposes.

User registration is necessary to install PMA

Download @Ver. @iThe key code issued at user registration is required to install PMA.j

Update ->
Operable on 64-bit environment.
More flexible handling of DICOM files.
Upgraded SWI analysis funcitons.
Executable from command line. Refer to the instruction for the syntax.
Some additional functions for advanced researches.

Update ->
Handling of the GE private CTP tag
Bugs fixed

Update ->
<<New features>>
Command line option
Loading ROI saved in ANALYZE format
Saving AIF, ROI, and maps at a time
New menu for load/save AIF
Synchronization of WL/WW in autowindow for all slices
Loading CT data for following-up
Analysis of SWI, ASL, ADCT data(Professional mode)
Generation of digital phantom (Delay shift phantom) (Professional mode)
Analysis of PASL (Professional mode)
Analysis of Toshiba 320-row MDCT data (Professional mode)
Motion correction (WIP)

<<Improvements and bug fixes>>
Improved accuracy of automatic AIF setting
Modified saved ROI format for ANALYZE
Replacement of negative value with zero at loading raw data
Improved raw data save function
Added ROI/SWI/ASL/Advanced tabs for Option windows
Implmented individual LUT setting for different maps
Implemented standard UID at saving DICOM data
Bug fixed in AIF save/load
Bug fixed in residual memory display

Procedure Guidelines for CT/MR Perfusion Imaging 2006
The purpose of this guideline, drafted by Joint Committee for the Procedure Guidelines for CT/MR Perfusion Imaging, is to establish concrete, evidence-based procedures for theexamination/analysis/evaluation of acute ischemic stroke. In addition, our intention is to reduce the technical differences in CTP/MRP examinations between institutions and tocontribute to the improvement in the prognosis of patients with acute stroke treated bythrombolytic therapy.

Download (PDF format)

ASIST-Japan-recommended standard LUT (a-LUT) for perfusion color maps
ASIST-Japan recommends the use of the standard Lookup Table (a-LUT) for perfusion parameter color maps by MRI and CT (The original data created by Kohsuke Kudo, M.D., Department of Radiology, Hokkaido University, Japan). The a-LUT data are available for download from the links below.